February 2012


Field Sobriety Tests in California

February 24, 2012 | Posted in: News & Articles

The red and blue lights light up the night sky and the siren’s proximity indicates that it’s you the officer is after. Your heart starts to race, knowing what he’s going to stop and perhaps even arrest you for: a DUI. You may have swerved too much. You may have had your headlights turned off. You may have even turned too widely. Now, the officer suspects that you are drunk. For many first-time offenders, being pulled over by an officer is a startling experience. With those that are suspected of drunk driving, several field sobriety tests will be conducted to further prove the person’s guilt. If you’re like most, you may want to know how an officer can tell if a person is drunk and the type of test he may typically conduct.

Signs of a Drunk Driver

Police officers are trained in spotting a drunk driver on the road....

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