June 2013


Legal Council for Offshore Tax Investigations

June 28, 2013 | Posted in: Legal

Guest post is provided by the Law Offices of Jeffrey B. Kahn, P.C., a trusted Orange County tax lawyer. View the website for more details. The IRS is coming down much harder on those who they believe are evading taxes with offshore accounts in recent years. Since 2009, the government entity as allowed for IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure to come clean and avoid going to jail. Bankers, intermediaries and taxpayers are all targets for these increasing investigations. They are planning a way to deter future taxpayers from hiding income in offshore accounts and ultimately pay less in taxes. The IRS believes this kind of behavior hurts the government, and the United States as a whole, and are willing to do whatever it takes to bring out those who involve themselves in tax fraud. Form TD F 90-22.1 allows business owners to report their income stored in foreign financial accounts...

Hiring The Cleaning Service Glendale Residents Praise Daily

June 28, 2013 | Posted in: Janitorial & Cleaning Services

There are some tried and true cleaning services Glendale residents have relied on over the years.  When you are looking for the perfect California house cleaning service, you should look to an expert company who has a tried and true track record that will really have your house looking shiny and new.

When you are tracking down the right cleaning or maid service to hire, you should start by first and foremost talking to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues.  You should see if there is anyone that you know who has a cleaning service that comes once a day, or once a week.  You should formulate a list of potential cleaning services that you could hire based on these conversations.  From there, look up and see if you can find any independent reviews on the Internet, and finally reach out to the companies.  After doing...


Marine Foam Bumpers Help Guard Boats and Docks

June 24, 2013 | Posted in: Goods and Services

Buying a boat is one of life’s largest possible investments, and one that continues to demand money and time long after you write the final payment check. In addition to the obvious costs of fuel, registration, and a slip space, each and every boat will require maintenance along the way to keep it running well. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to minimize wear and tear on a vessel and protect against accidental damage. One of these methods is the installation of dock bumpers or fenders; padding that protects boats against dock contact. Dock bumpers are able to be made in many ways from different materials, be they old tires or out-of-service fire hose. One particular material that works well in a marine environment is closed-cell foam. With different types of closed-cell foam able to be used in many fashions, from wrapping a foam rubber mat around pilings, to adhering...

Buy a New Pair of Kicks at Discounted Prices

June 21, 2013 | Posted in: Goods and Services

How many pairs of shoes do you own in your closet? Many of us has more clothes than shoes to wear because ideally a pair of shoes is more expensive that a couple of tops. Ironically, we all need a great pair of shoes, such as puma suede shoes, to match the outfits that we have. However, not all of us are lucky enough to have spare money to splurge on shoes alone, we have to allocate most of our money on things that needs to be settled monthly. Nowadays, we can all enjoy shopping for shoes at discounted rates through online shops and outlet stores. Whether you are looking for Onitsuka tiger shoes or a New Balance shoes, everything can easily be found through a few simple clicks at the web.

Through online shopping, not only will you find great items at discounted rates but you...


How To Upsize From Painting Cars To Industrial Trucks.

June 14, 2013 | Posted in: Hardware, Industrial and Manufacturing

If you are in the industry of painting cars then I'm sure you've been asked once or twice about large work trucks or other vehicles that just may not fit in your area, or you find them much larger and harder to upkeep. Truck spray booths help solve these problems, as spray booths have many qualities and positives that will help you pretty up even the largest of vehicles. A truck spray booth will give you natural lighting all around so you can keep an eye on the work, finding any flaws before the sunlight finds them for you, as well as filtering in dust free air to keep imperfections off of the vehicles. Painting industrial sized trucks can sometimes be even more important than your average persons car, seeing as this vehicle represents a whole company. And if you are able to pull this off and impress some people, then...

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Water Heater

June 12, 2013 | Posted in: Goods and Services

When the temperature drops, we all want to bathe ourselves in a nice hot bath. In Los Angeles, water heater has slowly become a necessity than a luxury. Through the years, water heater manufacturers have developed several water heater models to meet the continually rising demands of the people. Due to this, there have been so many water heater models top select from that may leave people confused on which model to buy.

What are the things you have to consider when purchasing a water heater? One of the first things that you have to look into before you purchase a water heater is the size of your family. If there are a lot of people in your household, it is safe to assume that you would need a large supply of hot water in the morning. If you consider yourself to be in this type of...


Promote A Cleaner Environment Inside Your Home By Installing An Air Filter

June 11, 2013 | Posted in: Construction

A lot of homes in the United States and in different parts of the world use air filters, such as a 3M air filter, to sanitize the air inside their homes. Aside from residential use, office buildings take advantage of an electrostatic furnace filter to keep a healthy environment for their employees. If you would want to install an air filter in your home, make sure that you conduct a research online to find the best brand that will meet your set budget.

Most of the time, air filters are installed next to your furnace, it makes use of a sponge like sheet to capture airborne pollutants and allergens. There are a lot of models, sizes and designs readily available in the market, some suppliers may even offer customizable filters to fit modern houses and buildings. It is important to keep allergens such as molds, dust, fungi...


Get Better Sound with Speaker Cabinet Fill

June 03, 2013 | Posted in: Goods and Services

For people who have a habit of making everything into a DIY project, building their own set of speakers is one of the more advanced possible projects. There are numerous ways of designing speaker cabinets, some of which can make a speaker sound terrific, while other designs, though attractive in concept, can make a great speaker sound terrible. But once you’ve designed an acoustically proper cabinet and selected your horns carefully, a final, easy step anybody can improve their build with is the addition of polyester batting speaker cabinet lining. One of the reasons speakers are housed in cabinets is to reduce the bouncing waves of sound generated from rearward sound. This doesn’t always do the trick however, and sometimes secondary sound waves escape and detract from clarity. Adding fiberfill upholstery batting helps scatter sound waves and break up air movement, helping speakers perform as if they’re in a...
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