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September 23, 2012 | Posted in: Hardware, Industrial and Manufacturing

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Every minute more and more people all over the globe are turning to synthetic turf over the more traditional and natural lawn solutions. It’s easy to see why – with a lower cost of maintenance, savings in time from not having to mow or do upkeep, and the advantages in keeping the environment cleaner and safer (no more water use and the lessening of fossil fuel burning tool usage) this is an attractive option for anyone. But it’s not cheap by any means – and the cost of fake grass is and will continue to go up. Here’s a couple ways to lock in the best prices.

Buy last generation fake lawn grass

Almost every year there are more high tech and innovative options available in the fake grass industry – and just the worlds of cars, cellphones, and computers whenever a new model comes out the older (but still fantastic) stuff is sold at a cheaper price. While it’s hard to predict when the next iteration of your favorite artificial grass solution is going to come out, it’s worthwhile to keep an ear to the ground, so to speak, to lock in significant savings on some awesome products.

Get artificial grass wholesale prices

There are some suppliers out there that double as manufactures – and to eliminate the middle man and keep costs low for the consumer; they are making their products available at wholesale costs. Not all companies do this of course, but it’s worth checking to see if a top of the line business like the one at www.artificialturfsupply.comoffers wholesale rates on their high level products and solutions.

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