Seeing Alaska’s Leconte Glacier Up Close

December 12, 2013 | Posted in: Goods and Services

There is no shortage of reasons for traveling to Alaska. America’s largest state is unrivaled for natural beauty and it offers no shortage of things for people to do. Everything from bear viewing to whale watching to hiking and camping are available to visitors of Alaska.

Of course, most people have one thing on their list that they absolutely must do before leaving the state. For many, this is seeing the LeConte Glacier. Few attractions can sum up the natural majesty of Alaska as well as the icebergs of the LeConte Glacier can. Many people have even claimed that seeing the LeConte Glacier up close was more breathtaking than taking in Glacier Bay National Park.

You’ll have a number of options for viewing the LeConte Glacier in Petersburg, Alaska. Many might opt to rent a boat and take a trip out to the icebergs on their own. This is an option best left to those with experience as icebergs can cause accidents to those who aren’t used to being around them.

The alternative is to take a guided tour. This is generally a preferable option because it allows you, the sight seer, to worry about nothing more than seeing sights. You can take pictures and even ask questions of your knowledgeable guide.

While there are many things to do when visiting Alaska, try to make time for taking in the LeCone Glacier. It’s a natural marvel more than worth the time.


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