You Can Benefit From Making Your Own Couch Cushions

September 06, 2012 | Posted in: Goods and Services

No matter how well it has been maintained, every chair or couch cushion will eventually wear out from use. But when the time comes, no matter if the worn-out pad cushions patio furniture, kitchen furniture, or your living room couch, there are many reasons making your own replacement cushion is a smart and comfortable decision.

1. Affordability! Possibly the best reason to DIY a pad that cushions furniture is the money it can save you. When you only need to buy filling material, you don’t have to pay for the labor that companies charge to custom-make your order. If you’re able to source project materials directly from a retailer, you save even more by cutting out the shipping costs of transporting light but large materials.

2. Self-Fulfillment! Think about the next time your friends and family gather around the table for a holiday dinner or sit down to watch a ballgame. Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to know that it was your handiwork that’s making their seats so comfy? Cutting your own foam to size can even turn seats previously too uncomfortable to use into a whole new piece of furniture everybody enjoys sitting in.

3. It’s Simple! If you’ve ever used a tape measure, traced an object, or sliced a loaf of bread, you already have the required skill set to make your own cushion. All it takes to make your new foam insert is recording the dimensions of your cushion’s cover, sketching it out on new foam and gently cutting the shape out with a serrated or electric knife. If you’re patient and take your time, you’ll be shocked to see how professional your new cushion insert looks.

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